We want to help you maximize transferable value, minimize risk, stay in control of your exit, and leave your desired legacy.


Take an Easy but Impactful First Step

You should do this YEARS BEFORE you actually exit your business.

The free Exit Map Assessment calculates your readiness for transition in four key areas:  Finance.  Planning.  Revenue/Profit.  Operations.

It will serve you in understanding the complexities of preparing your company for transition. This questionnaire consists of 22 questions, which will produce a 12-page summary report that you will receive in an email. 

Get an Accurate Estimate of Business Value

Meaningful planning for the future requires accurate data now.

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Accelerate Value and Plan for Growth

Building transferable value into your business takes years.  Value that someone else is willing to pay for will result in more options and control when you decide to leave, sell, or transfer your business. 

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Plan for a Successful Exit and Legacy

Our approach is comprehensive helping you to prepare both yourself and your business for that future time when you're "ready to exit."

A Better Way to Sell Your Business

As a Certified Network Partner of EXIO, we are excited to offer clients a creative and innovative alternative to the traditional business brokerage model that utilizes the latest in technology for increased value, deal efficiency, and superior confidentiality.