Accelerating Business Value Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Enjoy Today And Be Prepared For Tomorrow.  

A company with strong value drivers can demand (and receive) a higher multiple on the same amount of EBITDA than can a company with average value drivers.
— John Brown, The Business Enterprise Institute (BEI)

Accelerate the Value of Your Business

Business owners are often concerned with the following:

  1. What is my business really worth?
  2. Can I sell it if I want to?

This two month engagement provides both an Estimate of Business Value and a reality check on the sellability of your business. 

We assess the Value Drivers of your business and make recommendations for maximizing value for an eventual sale or transfer of the business. 

The following sample scenario depicts the impact of revenue and cash flow growth on value:


Revenue = $ 2,500,000

EBITDA =   $ 250,000 (10%)

Biz Value Multiple of EBITDA = 4 X

Business Value = $ 1,000,000

End of Year 5 with Revenue and EBITDA growing at 10% (8% after inflation)

Revenue = $ 3,673,000

EBITDA = $   367,000 (10%)

Biz Value Multiple of EBITDA =  6X

Business Value = $ 2,200,000

A two month engagement with a client investment of $8000-10000 (sole owner business). 

Build a Strategic Financial Plan for Growth

The life of a business owner is handling the endless day-to-day tasks and decisions required for business success.

It can be very difficult to schedule and execute a time for thinking "big picture" about strategy.  

The focus of our Strategic Business Planning engagement (2-3 months) is to assist you in “taking a step back” and designing plans for future strategic growth.

  • Strategic planning for every stage:  start-up | growth | expansion | maturity
  • Clarify mission, vision, and values and how they are anchored within the organization
  • Strategic growth plan:  Cash-flow analysis | 3-Year financial forecast | SWOT analysis 

Client investment of $2500-5000 (sole owner business). 

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