Meaningful Planning Requires Accurate Data

Face reality as it is, not as it was or you wish it to be.
— Jack Welch

Estimate of Business Value for $1,695

Too often business owners rely on a “back of the envelope” estimate of value for what is typically their largest investment asset...their business.

Our Estimate of Value provides the needed “reality check” you will need for meaningful financial, business, and exit planning.

  • Reality check for value-building and exit planning
  • Test current owner exit goals
  • Three-year snapshot of business income, assets, and liabilities
  • Comparative financial analysis including key performance indicators 
  • Competitive ratio analysis comparing performance of your business against peers 
  • An estimate of value for planning purposes

From the time we receive all needed financial data, we can typically respond with a valuation report within 7-10 days.

John Brown, former business-planning attorney and Founder of BEI, noted, “The most common complaint that we receive from private equity representatives is that owners vastly overvalue their businesses and then demand unobtainable sale prices based on the overvaluation.” Brown also noted, “Many, if not most, business owners are faced with the inability to replace current lifestyle spending with the investment return from the [business’] sale proceeds and existing non-business assets.”

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