There Is A Lot At Stake…Are You And Your Business Ready?


Complete our FREE ExitMap Assessment and receive a Report with Business Exit Readiness Scores in the following Key Planning Areas:

Finance: The current state of preparedness in understanding business value and tax issues.

Planning: Current progress in preparing successors, emergency plans and a post-ownership vision.

Revenue/Profit: A look at how business trends will appear to potential buyers and lenders.

Operations: The preparedness of your client's employees, systems and processes for new leadership.


There is much at stake when and how you execute your business exit...

  • The control you've enjoyed as a business owner.

  • Financial goals & security.

  • Past, present, and future impact of your business.

  • Values-based and legacy goals.

  • The sense of purpose and significance you've realized as a business owner.

The EXIT BASEPLAN is right for business owners who realize they need a business succession plan or exit strategy for all that's at stake...but...

  • You don't know how to get started with business succession planning or exit strategy and what advisors you will need.

  • You're within 1-10 years of exiting your business.

  • You need help clarifying your exit goals and the ideal route to accomplish your goals.

  • You want to know if your business would attract buyers and is sellable.

  • You want to know where the gaps are in your personal planning and readiness for exit.

  • You have limited time for planning your exit, as important as it is.

 Get a quick start with the EXIT BASEPLAN…

  • Our Certified Exit Planners will assess the following planning areas and provide a 360-Day Action Plan and a recommended initial 90-Day Sprint:

    • Exit Routes that could achieve your goals

    • Personal Readiness & Life After the Business

    • Personal Wealth, Tax, & Risk Readiness

    • Business Attractiveness & Readiness

Minimum investment of time and money…

  • 3-4 month engagement / Business owner invests approximately 30-40 hours in planning process

  • Sole owner is $10,000 / $2000 per additional owner

Learn more about the Baseplan Process

Exit | Legacy Project Management


Designing and implementing a successful business exit strategy is much like constructing a large building.

It requires a team of experts to design and implement the plan...and someone in the role of Project Manager...

  • Do you have the desire, experience, and expertise to lead and manage the project?

  • Would one of your current advisors be willing and equipped to manage the project rather than focusing on their area of needed expertise? It is typically wise to have needed advisors to be focused on their area of expertise.

There is much at stake and so we believe an owner is best served when they engage a Certified Exit Planner (CExP™ / CEPA) who is equipped and able to coordinate and manage your Advisory Team in a process of...






Our differentiators include…

  • Our capability and willingness to manage a comprehensive business exit strategy project.

  • Our skill and experience in the “soft skills” required for effective clarification of “your why” and goals pertaining to your eventual exit.

  • Our approach of continually having in view your personal goals and the past, present, and future impact of the business. There is much at stake.

  • Our emphasis on business value acceleration in the comprehensive exit planning process. An owner with a transferable business has more options for life and exit.

  • Our ability to integrate a biblical perspective in the planning process if desired.

Fee is based on business revenue and the number of business owners.

Approximately 6-18 month engagement.


The Earlier You Start Preparing For An Exit, The More Likely It Is That You’ll Have A Happy One
— Bo Burlingham, Finish Big

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