Hourly Advice for Building Value and Planning Your Exit

You may simply want or need a limited amount of advice or input on building transferable value (value that someone else will want pay top dollar for) or an aspect or element of planning a successful exit.   

Our Hourly Advice service affords you the opportunity to get advice needed promptly with minimal commitments of time and finances.  If presented with a question or issue that cannot be answered or addressed during the session, we will follow-up promptly with the appropriate information. 

The following is a list of planning areas you might need advice in:

  • How to think through owner-based goals for post exit
  • What type of business valuation is needed for your situation
  • Building a management team and choosing the right successor(s)
  • Pros and cons of each of the exit routes (sale to third-party; sale to insiders; sale/transfer to children; ESOP; absentee owner; transfer at death, etc.)
  • Strategic planning for growth and building transferable value
  • Preparing for a third-party sale | pre-sale due diligence
  • Structuring a transaction with insiders or children
  • Utilizing charitable tools in planning your transition
  • "Expert in experts" - the advisor or advisors needed and for what | building and experienced advisor team
  • Business continuity - planning for the unexpected
  • Legacy, estate and philanthropic planning