We Can Help You Clarify Your Ambitions and Priorities for Life After the Business and Your Desired Legacy


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The Life and Legacy Retreat

As a successful Business Owner, your life has great impact on many people including family, employees, customers, the community and others.  

And, because you're successful, you're busy...very busy.  Often so busy with the "day-to-day" that you do not take time to clarify and consider "the big picture" of life and legacy goals.

Our Life and Legacy Retreat will help you (and your spouse if applicable) "take a step back" and think through what you most value, most want to accomplish in the future, and how it all should impact your business succession plan or business exit strategy.

Two and one-half days in a relaxed environment within 2-3 hours of Washington, DC, with informal but focused conversations pertaining to purpose and meaning for life and legacy.

With professional certifications in personal and business planning, and years of consulting and counseling experience, we are uniquely equipped to serve you in clarifying and establishing your goals for exit and legacy. Also, if desired, we are capable of integrating a biblical framework into the retreat agenda and format.

Within a week or so following the retreat, we will conduct a follow-up meeting to review and discuss the retreat Executive Summary and recommended Action Plan.

Your Investment:

  • Time:

    • Approximately 8-10 hours of pre-work

    • Arrival late afternoon on first day

    • Day two 9am to 5pm with lunch and breaks

    • Day three 9am to 1pm with breakfast/brunch

  • Financial:

    • $3,500

    • Accommodations and meals (hotel, resort, retreat center, of your choosing within a few hours of Washington DC).

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