We Can Help You Clarify Your Ambitions and Priorities For Life After The Business and Your Desired Legacy


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The Life and Legacy Retreat

As a successful Business Owner, your life has great impact on may people including family, employees, customers, the community and others.  

And, because you're successful, you're busy...very busy.  Often so busy with the "day-to-day" that you do not take time to clarify and consider "the big picture" of life and legacy goals.

Our Life and Legacy Retreat will help you (and your spouse if applicable) "take a step back" and think through what you most value, most want to accomplish in the future, what life will look like after the business, and what needs to change for you to live and leave your desired legacy. 

Two and one-half days in a relaxed environment with informal but focused conversations pertaining to purpose and meaning for life and legacy.

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