Values-based leadership

Leaders who establish, communicate, and model corporate core values, foster an environment, which lends toward efficiency, productivity, and profit (financial and/or social). 

For example, core values that are well established and reinforced empower employees to make countless decisions with minimal oversight.  This increases organizational efficiency as well as employee satisfaction.  And, we all know that if employees are happy, the chances of customers being happy increase significantly. 

A favorite book that promotes this idea of Values-Based Leadership is “Discovering the Soul of Service” by Leonard Berry.  Following is a quote from Mr. Berry:  “What’s in the company vault?  Like the money in a bank’s vault, values are the company’s treasure.  Values reflect what the leader holds worthy, what the organization assigns worth.  They are the ideals, principles, and philosophy at the center of the enterprise.  They are protected and revered.  They reveal the company’s heart and soul. “