You've Had Great Impact On Stakeholders In Building The Business. What About Your Eventual Exit?

During a meeting this afternoon, I was again reminded of the incredible influence and good that result from the efforts of a successful business owner and their business.  Just a few of the good works highlighted during the conversation included:

  • Quality services and products.
  • Empowerment of others.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Wealth and value creation.
  • Peace, flourishing, and prosperity for communities.
  • Charity and philanthropy.

There was also discussion regarding some of the common characteristics and principles that are often demonstrated by high impact business owners in building a successful business.  The list included:

  • Integrity.
  • Responsibility.
  • Excellence.
  • Diligence.
  • Service to others. 
  • Building and leaving a legacy.

Successful business owners who embody such characteristics have a huge impact on many "stakeholders" when they responsibly and diligently build and sustain a successful business.  Impact on their family, employees, customers, suppliers, economy, and community.

As a business owner, will you have as great an impact when you leave the business as you have in building it?  Will your legacy as a business owner, and family legacy, be your desired legacy?  Are you being as responsible and diligent in planning your exit as you have been in building your business?  Will there be flourishing and peace for your many stakeholders as you leave?  

All of the tremendous good produced by you and your business are at stake when (and how) you leave your business.  The more time you have or take to plan for this most significant and impactful event, the greater potential for success and attainment of your goals and desires.  

Design and implement a plan to have as great (or greater) an impact when you leave as you have in building the business.