Our strategic planning retreats will help you “chart an exciting path forward!”

“We were deeply impressed by the smart questions you asked, the careful attention you paid, the useful discussion points you extracted, and the thoughtful, outcome-oriented way you moved us through our own set of aspirations, assumptions, and challenges, so that we might chart an exciting—and achievable!—path forward!”
— Client Quote

The Life & Legacy Retreat

A strategic planning retreat for the owner and their spouse (if applicable).

The Life & Legacy Retreat is two days in a relaxed environment with informal but focused conversations pertaining to your goals, personal mission and values, plan for life after the business and legacy.

ELP produces report with action steps for both a 90-Day Sprint and 91-365 Day Action Plan.

The Partnership Charter

Whether you’re forming a new business, or you’ve been in business for many years and facing a transition, it’s the right time to use the Partnership Charter process to gain a deeper level of clarity about where you’re headed as partners. 

  • Three-day offsite requiring approximately 40 hours of pre-work for each partner.

  • ENNIS Legacy Partners will draft and present a document – the Partnership Charter – that contains everything a neutral attorney needs to produce highly customized legal documents.  But more importantly, the Partnership Charter is a document that will guide you and your partners in your day-to-day working together as well as through major transitions.

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