Strategic Planning Retreats For Conflict Prevention, Business Growth And Exit, And Your Desired Legacy

This time was transformative...emotionally, personally, professionally. A year in crisis was put behind us...
— Client Quote


Strategy Renovation™ | For the Business

A strategic planning retreat for growing and building the transferable value of the business.

The purpose of the Strategy Renovation™ Retreat For the Business, is for the owner(s) and their management team to “pull back” and think strategically about organizational clarity, growth, and value creation. The retreat requires approximately 20 hours of pre-work per participant, a two-day offsite meeting facilitated by ENNIS Legacy Partners, and a post-retreat report and review.

Within a week or so following the retreat, we will conduct a follow-up meeting to review and discuss the retreat Executive Summary and recommended Action Plan. The Strategy Renovation Retreat is focused on establishing a clear strategic plan for the future:

  • Increased efficiency and profitability with clear mission, vision, and values

  • Establish a 5-year plan for growth and value acceleration

  • ELP produces report with action steps for both a 90-Day Sprint and 91-365 Day Action Plan


Life and Legacy | For the Owner

A strategic planning retreat for the owner and their spouse (if applicable).

As a successful Business Owner, your life has great impact on many people including family, employees, customers, the community and others.  

The retreat is two days in a relaxed environment with informal but focused conversations facilitated by ENNIS Legacy Partners pertaining to your owner-based goals pertaining to your personal mission and values, desired exit route and life after the business, and legacy.

ELP produces report with action steps for both a 90-Day Sprint and 91-365 Day Action Plan.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver, poet

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The Partnership Charter

Partnerships of any type are not easy, but you can increase your chance of having a successful partner experience by negotiating sooner – before differences multiply – rather than later. 

Whether you’re forming a new business, or you’ve been in business a decade and facing a transition, it’s probably the right time to slow down and use the PC process to get a deep level of clarity about where you’re headed as partners. 

The PC process, which includes pre-work and a 2-3 day offsite retreat facilitated by ENNIS Legacy Partners, will also deliver a document – the Partnership Charter – that contains everything a neutral attorney needs to produce highly customized legal documents.  But more importantly, the PC is a document that will guide you and your partners in your day-to-day working together as well as through major transitions.


Our Retreat Process

  1. Planning meeting with business owner(s) to establish retreat goals and desired outcomes.

  2. ELP distributes retreat pre-work to participants.

  3. ELP collects and structures pre-work responses into retreat working document including areas of alignment and misalignment.

  4. ELP facilitates 2-3 day offsite retreat sessions.

  5. ELP produces report with action steps for both a 90-Day Sprint and 91-365 Day Action Plan.

  6. ELP facilitates post-retreat meeting to review report with participants if desired.

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