Sellability Is The Key.  Building Sellable Value Today Is Essential For A Successful Exit Tomorrow.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the time and money freedom that I want?

  • Does my future financial goals and security, and that of my family, depend on the future value and sellability of my business?

  • Are my key employees and customer relationships transferable?

  • Are my processes, systems, and technology transferable and can someone else learn them?

  • Is my business culture so strong that it would have a positive impact on a buyer's business?

Sellability is essential for a third-party sale, but also for any business succession options (i.e., sale to insiders or children) as you will need the business to continue to perform well when you're not there.

Optimize Your Business Value And Options For Exit With The Value Builder System™ Engagement.

Build a Strategic Financial Plan for Growth

The life of a business owner is handling the endless day-to-day tasks and decisions required for business success.

It can be very difficult to schedule and execute a time for thinking "big picture" about strategy.  

The focus of our Strategic Business Planning engagement (2-3 months) is to assist you in “taking a step back” and designing plans for future strategic growth.

  • Strategic planning for every stage: start-up | growth | expansion | maturity

  • Clarify mission, vision, and values and how they are anchored within the organization

  • Strategic growth plan: Cash-flow analysis | 5-Year financial forecast | SWOT analysis

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