Enjoy Your Business Today & More Options For Exit Tomorrow

A sellable business is key for more freedom and control now and at exit. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the time and money freedom that I want?

  • Does my future financial goals and security, and that of my family, depend on the future value and sellability of my business?

  • Are my key employees and customer relationships transferable?

  • Are my processes, systems, and technology transferable and can someone else learn them?

  • Is my business culture so strong that it would have a positive impact on a buyer's business?

Optimize Business Sellability With The Value Builder System™ Engagement.

Enjoy Life In The Business Today With A Strategic Financial Plan for Growth

The life of a business owner is handling the endless day-to-day tasks and decisions required for business success.

It can be very difficult to schedule and execute a time for thinking "big picture" about strategy.  

The focus of our Strategic Business Planning engagement (3-6 months) is to assist you in “taking a step back” and designing plans for future strategic growth.

  • Strategic planning for every stage: start-up | growth | expansion | maturity

  • Clarify mission, vision, and values and how they are anchored within the organization

  • Strategic growth plan: Cash-flow analysis | 5-Year financial forecast | SWOT analysis

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