An owner who has a sellable business has more freedom today and more options for exit tomorrow.

Anyone considering selling their business should start preparing years in advance to increase the value of their company with ENNIS Legacy Partners.
— Client Quote

Our Strategy Renovation® products can help in “renovating” your business strategy.


Five-Year Financial Forecast


Is right for you if...

  • You are launching, growing, or preparing to exit your business

  • You want to maximize your business sale price

  • You need help clarifying strategic goals and key results for the business

  • You need help projecting and substantiating future growth

Strategy Advisor

LEVEL ONE | $1,500 per month

Is right for you if...

  • You want more freedom in the business today and more options for exit in the future

  • You want to maximize sellable value

  • You could benefit from monthly coaching and accountability

    • One-year engagement

    • Monthly review of your vision and goals to build sellable value

    • A monthly exercise with a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor focused on strengthening one of eight value drivers in with The Value Builder System™

  • You need a 5-year strategic financial plan for business growth

  • You need a current estimate of business value


LEVEL TWO | $2,500 per month

Is right for you if…

  • You want everything in Level 1 and an audit of your exit readiness and plan for business continuity:

    • Identify gaps in business continuity and personal and business readiness for exit (tax, estate, financial, insurance, asset protection)

    • Connect you with experienced professional advisors if needed

Employee Engagement, Leadership & Culture

Quantifying the well-being of human capital is an often-overlooked factor for organizational health, but it is a critical component for any business owner who wants to build sellable value and exit successfully.

We partner with LEAD Workforce Consulting who has created the following Business Intelligence products to help business owners understand the human capital factors strengthening or weakening the health of their business.

1)     Work & Well-Being Survey | Engagement & Leadership
We measure the engagement of employees, which includes a section on how employees view relationships with their managers. Using this data, we can sort results by department branch or manager to provide a realistic assessment of an organization's health and strength. We correlate these scores to trailing business indicators such as productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee turnover. These results, along with detailed analysis and tailored advice are used to create a challenging, effective strategy for growth.

2)     Values In Action Survey | Cultural Adoption
The cultural adoption survey measures how well company values are being understood and implemented throughout the organization. We scientifically test the awareness, ability, accountability and actionability of each corporate value by measuring whether values are evident in the people, processes and products of the organization. These results and a detailed analysis will provide the information needed to strengthen the company culture.

Oddly enough, you’re far more likely to have a company that’s built to last if you simultaneously build it to sell. You’re also far more likely to have a happy exit.
— Bo Burlingham, Finish Big

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