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Build Business Value.  

Control Your Exit.  

Leave Your Desired Legacy. 


Advice And Planning To Help You Accelerate Business Value And Plan To Exit On Your Own Terms And Conditions.


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We Exist To Help Business Owners Build Transferable Value And Exit On Their Own Terms And Conditions. 

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Pat Ennis

Certified Exit Planner™ and Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy™ with extensive management experience distinctly equipped to advise owners and founders on building value, transition/exit, and legacy.


Corby Megorden

Masters in Engineering Administration and Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst. Decades of executive experience helping organizations identify and navigate the challenges of growth, risk, and change.


Are You Planning Now...So That You Can Exit Later On Your Own Terms and Conditions?

 Our solutions help you build the right way today and exit successfully tomorrow.  


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Sometimes it seems like there are an endless number of Exit Routes, but in reality there are only eight. 

1. Sell business to one or more employees. 
2. Sell business to one or more co-owners. 
3. Transfer the business to family member(s). 
4. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). 
5. Sell to a third-party. 
6. Retain ownership but become passive owner. 
7. Engage in an IPO. 
8. Liquidate.

This FREE 20-page eBook describes the advantages and disadvantages of each exit route and includes assessment worksheets.

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Meaningful Planning Requires Accurate Data


Plan Your Exit So You Exit Successfully  

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Building Transferable Value Is A Key Ingredient For A Successful Exit

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Prevent Conflict With The Partnership Charter


Advice As Needed For Building Value & Planning A Successful Exit

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Get More Clarity With The Legacy Retreat

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Information, Tools, & Resources for Building Value & Planning a Successful Exit

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Topics Pertaining To Building Value & Planning Your Successful Exit

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The earlier you start preparing for an exit, the more likely it is that you’ll have a happy one.
— Bo Burlingham, Finish Big


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