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Strategic planning to help you enjoy life in the business and plan for life after the business.


Anyone considering selling their business should start preparing years in advance to increase the value of their company with ENNIS Legacy Partners.
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Do you want more freedom today and more options for exit tomorrow?

You need to have a sellable business

Oddly enough, you’re far more likely to have a company that’s built to last if you simultaneously build it to sell. You’re also far more likely to have a happy exit.
— Bo Burlingham, Finish Big


If we could help you exit on your own terms and conditions would you be interested?

We can help…

The personal commitment that we received from Pat & Corby was way beyond what we expected.
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Do you need to “pull back” and think strategically?

Consider one of our strategic planning retreats

This time was transformative...emotionally, personally, professionally. A year in crisis was put behind us...
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Our self-paced online exit planning course | $180


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Interview with Anik Singal on The Fighting Entrepreneur.

Listen to the end for two special offers.

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