ENNIS Legacy Partners is a fee-only consulting firm serving small business owners ($1 - $25 million in revenue) in the Washington DC area and throughout the United States.  

ELP Differentiators:

  1. Our approach is relational and not transactional, with a continual intentionality in getting to know you and your goals for life, business exit, and legacy. We excel at helping you clarify your goals for life, exit, and legacy.

  2. Our approach is comprehensive having the knowledge and ability to integrate and coordinate personal and business planning areas for exit.

  3. Our advice is objective as we do not receive compensation for transactions (i.e., insurance, investments, business brokerage) or wealth management.

  4. Our willingness and ability to act as Project Manager for a Comprehensive Exit Plan.

  5. A focus on business value creation and acceleration as central to a successful plan for exit. Strong business value is at the heart of a successful exit, and an owner who has a transferable business has maximum freedom and options for life, exit, and legacy.

  6. If desired by the client, we are capable of integrating a biblical framework into all planning phases of value creation, exit, and legacy.


We exist to help business owners build sellable value and exit on their own terms and conditions.


We value business owners and their interests.

We value the economic impact and human flourishing that results from a successful business.

We value integrity, excellence, diligence, and generosity in serving clients and others.

ELP Affiliations

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