We exist to help business owners build sellable value and exit on their own terms and conditions.


We are a fee-only firm providing advice, consulting, coaching and retreats for business owners interested in building sellable business value and planning for their eventual exit.

Our differentiators include: 1) Comprehensive exit planning with an emphasis on building sellable business value. 2) Relational and comprehensive approach versus transactional resulting in the role of “Trusted Advisor” to our clients. 3) Our professional network of experienced advisors. 4) Knowledge and experience in recognizing planning gaps in both personal and business planning areas. 5) Certified Exit Planner professional designations.

We are not wealth managers, insurance brokers, transaction intermediaries (business broker; investment banker).


We value business owners and the economic and social impact that results from a successful business.

We value skillful listening, integrity, excellence, generosity and putting the interests of our clients ahead of our own.


Our clients are business owners and have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Motivated to build the sellable value of their business and/or plan for their exit well ahead of time.

  • Needs assistance with clarifying personal goals for business growth and/or their eventual business exit.

  • Needs assistance with strategic financial planning for business growth.

  • Needs an estimate of business value for planning purposes.

  • Needs objective third-party analysis and advice for current “pain points” within their organization.

  • Needs a plan for the unexpected events of death or permanent incapacity.

  • Needs a Certified Advisor to create and/or coordinate their Advisor Team in designing and implementing their comprehensive plan for exit.

Great people to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful team of people recommended to meet various needs.
The personal commitment that we received from Pat & Corby was way beyond what we expected.
Excellent communication and listening, sincere interest and support, trustworthy and person of character.
Thank you for your care for me personally. Thank you just as importantly for the investment made in our company....happy to speak with any who might need a personalized referral to hire you!
Helped us reach our goals. Targeted our improvement needs quickly and efficiently.

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